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Good Farm Day

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Good Farm Day
« on: April 20, 2015, 09:49:12 PM »
Post driving goes much quicker when you have help.  But when Saturday rolled around without a friend that was available to help; I decided to drive posts by myself.   With the ground soggy, the driving was easy.   Here is a picture of of a bunch of old equipment(operated by an old operator) going to town on 23 fence posts. The service vehicle holding tools and water (and a beer for afterwards) is a 1986 Isuzu Trooper Diesel.   The tractor is a 58-59 Ford 861 diesel (the serial number is eroded and I cannot tell which year) and the driver is a late 80s or early 90s Shaver HD-8 post driver.   For a while I was driving them 10 minutes to a post.  It was a good day.


Yes, that is our alpacas in the background.  Great critters with wonderful fleece.
More tractors than time.....

Good Farm Day
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Your post driver looks like quite an outfit.  I never have seen one before.  PTO driven I presume.  Sure would have saved a lot of scurrying on and off the tractor to have a second body involved as well as helping to pinpoint location for each post.  A few more to do you might have ended up with a split personality trying to be in two places at once.  Doing it alone is the story of my life too, except my wife used to be a good and willing helper. It is getting to the point where neither of us are much help anymore.  Consumption hath no pity as they say.

 (PTO driven I presume.)  Changed my mind on this.  Hydraulic.  

Charlie V

Afterthought:  A long time friend of my fathers worked in a vineyard on Bluff Point which extends into Keuka Lake in NY. (Finger Lakes)  To set posts for the grape wires they used a large pay loader.  A worker would hold a post vertical and positioned in line with each end of the loader bucket.  the operator would drive forward and set the bucket on top of the posts enough to hold them.  Workers would step clear and head for the next pair of posts while the operator lowered the bucket and set that pair.  Pretty slick and efficient operation.
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