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Funny what you find.....

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Funny what you find.....
« on: September 06, 2008, 06:31:14 PM »
in the walls of an old house. Dad wants to put a window in on the original portion of the house. He had told me before being a house it was a corn crib...way back when. I don't know about being a corn crib but btween the uprights laying at there bottom there was plenty of  old empty barley hulls...or some type grain anyway. So I do surmise it was used to store grain....thats sort of strange enough for me and my generation.

While doing a little digging in the grain I found an old Esslinger Beer can.....
 Parti Esslinger Quiz can.  Yes on the can there's facts you can share with your drinking buddies....

a few on the can....
Orthodontist - dental specialist
Jim Thorpe died- 1953
Jack Westland-oldest golfer (47 yrs.) win U.S. amateur champ.1952
Worlds larges Bible weighs 1/2 ton
21987 quadruples when inverted (87912)
Army undefeated 32 consec. ft. ball games(1944-47)
Worlds 1st auto race France 1894
Al Reach 1st salaried baseball player
Eugene McPherson rode bike across U.S. 20 days 4hrs. 29 mins-1949
Epee is dueling sword

Are a few facts from this 12 ounce..Keglined can. On the bottom on the can there is a Maryland tax seal....so I guess it was legal to be in the state:)