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Tools, Trades and Engineering / Portable welding/grinding table.
« on: March 11, 2015, 03:06:15 AM »
I do a lot of small fab jobs and such and never seem to have a flat stable area to do the welding on. A couple years ago I picked up a Strong Hand Nomad portable welding table. It is a great table and fold up so I don't end up with the temptation of a flat clear area...  I decided that it was so handy I needed another one BUT I also wanted to cut costs. So I went to Harbor Freight and looked at the portable table they have. Looked it over and decided that I'd take a chance, looked pretty solid and close to the Nomad...   Got it home and decided to see just how close it was. The verdict, they are made in the same plant using the same main prints!
The differences...
The Nomad unit has adjustable height Vs. The HF has a fixed height (which matches the nomads top position)
The Nomad has three bolts securing the rocker assembly for the table while the HF has 2 (matches the outer two on the nomad exactly)
The nomad comes with 2 bolt on casters and a handle which are not on the HF unit (but could easily be added for under 20 bucks)
The price!!!!! The Nomad runs about 150-175 dollars + shipping. The HF unit is 59-99 dollars depending on sale/coupons.

That's it!   The tilt angles are the same, the top is exactly the same top, same weight rating and the fasteners are even the same for both.

I did drill the third hole for the tilt and on both of them I changed to bolts for the top from the cheap tiny ones they came with. I also have the same gripe on both, they are not really flat tops. They run 1/8" or so out of flat, But if you take a few pieces of angle that is straight you can tweak the table and make it flat.

Is it a top notch welding table? Not in terms of being super flat. Is it a handy solid table that does the job? Yes.

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