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John Deere Model H

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John Deere Model H
« on: March 08, 2009, 08:34:26 AM »
The JD H I posted the picture of here last year is a good little tractor, but has turned out to be a major head ache.  I soon found out the PO restore did not include fan drive gears and they are in sad condition.  New sets are available from JD, but very expensive.  I have picked up a decent gear for the fan shaft, but am still searching for a good mate to go on the governor shaft.  

I now have acquired another H which still needs a ride home. (this week perhaps)  This tractor has not been run in some number of years but shift forks, fan gears, etc seem tight and in good condition. It will need some time, work, and a lot of WD-40, but hopefully will be a runner.  Based on that presumption, it will not solve my fan drive gear shortage for H  #1.  I will add a picture or two  of H  #2 to my albums on this web site if anyone wants a look.

Charlie V.
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