A.T.I.S. FAQ on Farmall Cubs, Implements

FAQ on Farmall Cubs, Implement Pictures

Written by Bob Brooks Updated by Jim Becker, February 2003

Cub-189 Two-Way Plow.

Cub-189 Two-Way Plow the Yarger family's Cub George Willer
Cub-189 Plow

Following are detail pictures of the two-way plow mounted on an early Cub. It appears that several parts of the original plow were missing as the restorer had to make several replacements himself.

 George Willer
The left latch mechanism.
The trip lever is a replacement.
The cross bar has found it’s way here from a cultivator.
Originally, the chains attached to the rear rockshaft with a pair of smaller brackets.
Also, note the rear work light with a separate tail light mounted on top.
This version of the combination light attachment was only used for a very limited time.

 George Willer
Depth control lever and linkage.

 George Willer
Beam attachment to revesed drawbar.
The Owner’s Manual shows the beams each bolted one position closer to the center.


Mott Flail Mower.

Mott Flail Mower center mounted on an early Farmall Cub Joe Therrien
Mott Flail Mower

Mott Flail Mower center mounted on an early Farmall Cub Joe Therrien
Mott Flail Mower Rear View


Howard Rotovator.

Rotovator mounted on a Farmall Cub with Fast Hitch Bob in New Jersey
Fast Hitch mounted Howard Rotovator

Rotovator rear view Bob in New Jersey
Howard Rotovator rear view


Rotovator tilling some sod Bob in New Jersey
Rotovator in Action

Speed reducer required for tilling Bob in New Jersey
Howard Speed Reduction Unit

The speed reduction unit is required to slow the Cub enough for the tiller to work effectively. This unit is intended ONLY to slow the tractor. I should not be used to attempt to pull an increased load.

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Photographs used to illustrate this FAQ have been provided by a number of Cub and Lo-Boy owners from throughout the country. The photographer of each picture, and often some additional detail about each tractor, can be seen by mousing over the picture. Higher resolution copies of most of these pictures, as well as many other Cub and Lo-Boy photographs can be found at these sites.
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Data sources are the IH Tractor Identification Guide by Kenneth Updike, the Farmall Cub Parts Book published by International Harvestor and the HotLine Farm Equipment Guide.


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